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LOVE the farmers market. Our local farmers market is held on Saturday and it is one happin’ place. There are some beautiful local farms. Along with the farmers a local baker sells artisan bread. This is my kids favorite booth because they give samples.

So what is the advantage of purchasing your produce at a farmers market? IT’S FRESH and you get to talk with the farmer.


Green River Melons.
I love the idea of a farmer waking up early and filling their pick up full of melons. It seems like they came from a family farm.


Apples, Pears, Peaches, and Melons. I purchased Ginger Gold Apples, they are so great for canning Apple Pie Filling. Pears are for canning but are not ready to can. They will be laid out in my cool basement to ripen. Peaches, they didn’t have a canning variety. In the past I canned July Flame Peach, beautiful canning peach. I also used Lemon Alberta Peach and they are not my favorite. When speaking to a farmer they suggested the Summer Lady Peach but they haven’t been picked, hopefully next week.

With all my purchases I came home and picked another bowl full of tomatoes.