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To manage my yard I set goals that I will weed this or that area with the little time I have. This summer I worked myself from flower bed to flower bed each night. Then I came upon this. I figured something was wrong because as I started my weeding a bird was going crazy and flying really low and swooping down at me. At first I thought that maybe there was a nest in my neighbors trees that were on the other side of the fence. This bird was majorly getting into my personal space I so I picked up my tools and gave up on weeding this section of garden. That is when I saw it, a beautiful nest made out of the weeds that I had not pulled yet.


Oh, I am so excited. I have a bird family in my yard and I get to share this cool thing with my kids. Right? Well, this bird family didn’t want to share their happy time with us. At first I was only attacked when I approached the nest (I did need to take care of my yard), then it extended to going into the back yard. One of the birds sat in the neighbors tree and once I walked in the back yard it would squawk and squawk at me. OK, I can give them space so they can have peace. But when the squawking started when I would go out the front door. Annoying. One day the bird followed me to the mail box (we have a community lock mailbox). It seem to be telling me to go back to my home where I belong and don’t come outside again.

Then on a early morning I looked out my window to see if my sprinklers were on in the back yard. By this time I rarely went in the back yard. I looked down and spotted a very large gopher snake.

After this day I have not heard one squawk. You can come to your own conclusion. My kids concluded that they baby birds flew away. I’ll let them think that. I just hope I don’t have another birds nest in my yard. Well, not one made by a bird that has it out for me.