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My Grandparents were master gardeners. I chose plants and flowers for my garden with the memories of their garden. IMG_3918These soft pink cluster of itsy bitsy flowers are surrounded by a succulent blue green foliage. They may seem delicate but they are the one flower that hold up to the winds from the canyon.

IMG_3920Bees love these flowers. When I was taking these photos the bees were just a buzzin’. It seemed like they were just too busy getting ready for the long winter to be bothered by me taking their picture.

IMG_3927Flowers not yet bloomed. The bees are still working in the background.

IMG_3965I wished I knew the name of these flowers. If anyones knows the name please let me know. Grandma

My 98 year young grandma with my youngest baby girl. Grandma is now blind and can’t see the beautiful flowers in her garden but I believe she feels them. Her garden is still beautiful. It comes from all the hard work for all those years of working in it.