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Our family loves to attend a local library. And surprise it isn’t just for the books. Although their collection is fabulous. There always seems to be some cultural or arts event. This weekend they had a puppet festival. My kids loved making their own hand puppet out of an envelope.


As the puppet festival was finishing another event was starting, Japanese drummers. This was a finale event of a series of events about the Japanese Interment Camps. This was a perfect time to teach my children of this time in American history. Wow, where else would I be able to teach my kids in such a fun way. The library teaches my family in some many ways more then reading. Cheers to our library and librarians.


Our favorite local library is the Orem Public Library. They are currently working on expanding the library so that they have room to have more educational events like the ones above. Please all Orem Residents support the expansion, Center for Story.