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This is my third year of canning peaches. My first year I was clueless.  I did know that peaches would be ready in August so I went to a roadside fruit stand and purchased a box of peaches, July Flame. A beautiful fruit when they were canned. The juices swirled in the bottles like flames. I think I sat in the kitchen for hours just admiring their beauty.

The following year I asked more questions and was told that late August was the best time to bottle peaches. I was also instructed by many that the only way to go is the Lemon Alberta peach. They were very easy to can but so plain looking. Just a dull peachy yellow and no flames. Disappointment. It took my family a long time to eat them because they just didn’t look that good.

This year I was determined to bottle a different peach and in speaking to a farmer at my local farmers market the Summer Lady peach was suggested. Wow, a beautiful red to peach ombre skin, and the pit seemed smaller then the Lemon Alberta peach so more fruit. But canning was not so successful. The deep reds turned into muddy browns. And what would I say here “If it doesn’t look good, you’re not goin’ eat it.”

Next year I will try July Flames again. They are an early August peach so I hope I can find a box and try them again. And canning in early August might be nice so I am not canning everything right on top of each other. You know space it out.

What peaches do you like to use for canning and why?