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These poor Dollar Store pumpkins have seen better days. I am hoping to update them so that they have more bling and bring a little more life into my halloween decor.

The Halloween Rule: We do not talk about what we are going to dress up as for Halloween until Oct 1.

It is here and the kids are just a talkin’ and plan’. Here is a review of what we have dressed up as in the past. Each costume has a great story and the memories are great. Candy aside I think the kids love this holiday so much because there are so many fun memories.


Look at the shiner on the cowboy, he received it with taking a hit with a tree branch his sister thought would be a good bat. And yes the hat is too small but we couldn’t talk him out of it even though we had a really nice one to replace it. When my kids have their mind made up there is no changing it.

My Glenda witch from the Wizard of Oz was a last minute costume change, I pulled together a brides made dress and a curtain (inspired by Gone with the Wind) and made a beautiful gold gown to match the Dorothy. Dorothy has her little dog Copper as a stand in for Toto. Copper is a well loved dog that she has had since she was three. Given to her by a dear friend that lives very far away now. Thanks Rachel.


Cat and the Hat with Thing 1 and Thing 2. I have been trying to get my kids to be this for Halloween for ages and this last year they gave in because they didn’t have a better idea. They were a hit and everyone loved them.

All time favorite is the Minion’s. I searched high and low for overalls. I wasn’t willing to pay a lot for them but then I found that they are hard to find. On a whim I ran into Savers and found three pairs for overall shorts in the women’s section. They worked great. The hats were easy to make with canning rings and felt for the goggles.


Now what? What is next? Any suggestions? Looking forward to the memories we will build this year.