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I love the YoungHouseLove blog. I read it every morning before I get ready for the day. It motives me to get something done. Although that doesn’t happen all the time. Today the post was about one of their readers, Jamie, with a design dilemma. Their readers were asked for suggestions for Jamie on how to fix her dilemma of a blank wall. Hey, I am one of the million readers so why not give my suggestion. Here it goes.


My turn to try at a design suggestion. The blank wall screamed to me that it needs a texture or pattern, even add repetition to break it up so it doesn’t look like a monster of a wall. So what is the answer, are you ready? You better hold on because it is a good one and you will just kick yourself for not thinking of it yourself, Board & Batten. You can find a tutorial here. Okay pat yourself on the back it you did think of it. In addition to the board & batten add a small ledge so photos can be placed to add repetition with variation (different photos, same size and frame). Jamie even has a photo that is on the self behind the self to bring in the photos on the board & batten self. Now that is variation.

Here is the big AFTER reveal.

Great suggestion, right. This is where you nod your head in agreement. Sherry from YoungHouseLove also suggested to paint the air vent and doorbell cover the same color of the wall, that is why she is the bomb.

Oh, do you love the photo of my little one. She is my little cutie on the new wall. Good luck Jamie and thanks Sherry for the fun challenge this morning.