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OK. I am a PBS junkie. I have become more of a junkie since you can watch PBS online.  The other day I came across this video about Pete Seeger on American Masters. If you are like me you would ask “WHO?” Well, maybe I am the only one who didn’t know about him. Pete Seeger was an American Master of folk music where his music enriched those around him. He taught peace, love, tolerance, and so much in his music and in the way he lived his life. Needless to say I fell in love with his music because it taught of things that are so hard to find in our world today. This documentary is well worth your time to watch.


Soon after watching this show I received the assignment to make a poster for Bill Evans a world famous banjo player. I am so excited to go and to share this music with my kids.  I also am very happy with how the poster turn out. This is a must go to event. The family will love it and it is Free. Hope to see you there.