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IMG_4725My favorite treat, popcorn. I love it for many reasons. First, as the baby chicks say “Cheap, cheap, cheap!” No I am not a microwave popcorn lover. Because of a food allergy (soy) I cannot have microwave popcorn. My choice of method is a Whirly Pop. You can find one here. Just a a bit of oil and 1/4 cup popcorn and some whirling and you have a magical bowl of popcorn. Second, it’s Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey to make. Finally, a great healthy snack. Well, healthy if you don’t add butter and salt. I don’t add either.


Tonight while thinking of what special treat I should make my family to watch the olympics I took inventory of my storage. Ice cream, no too cold. Cookies or brownies no I don’t want to cook. Yes, to popcorn, but how could I olympic it up. In comes almond bark and sprinkles. Big hit with the kids and easy for me.

Shhh! I know this isn’t a healthy choice anymore but it is yummy.

What is your favorite quick treat to make for your family?