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This has been a long project for over the past year. Not that it is a time consuming but that my life is time consuming. With that being said I still need to finish it. I promised my daughters that I would finish for their 11th birthday but now I am aiming for their 12th. Realistically it will be on the frames ready to quilt by their birthday. Hey, they can help with the quilting.

IMG_4745This is my third quilt to piece and hand quilt. My first was a twin quilt made from baby dresses and clothes from my twin girls. My girls love the quilt because they like to look at fabrics from clothes they wore when they were little. I planned to make two but after I finished I started the second one but the pattern proved to be too difficult so I turned it into a baby quilt.

In comes the pink and yellow quilt. They are quite beautiful with the bright yellow and pink colors are offset with a soft cream fabric with a delicate flower print. I choose a quilt with larger blocks so there would be less cutting.  Less cutting = quicker finish. In all there are 30 large blocks that make up a queen quilt. The cutting is completed and large blocks are all sown. Today I trimmed all the blocks to prepare the sew all the blocks together.


IMG_4747I’ll keep you posted on my progress on the quilt. I still need to sew all the blocks together, add a border or two, choose a back fabric, quilt, and binding.