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My family loves broccoli. When my son was young his preschool teacher asked him what his favorite food was and he replied, “Broccoli!” That about sums it up. Yes, I sing “Choppin’ Broccoli” as I prepare it.

I have never grown it and from stories of all the bugs broccoli can get I will probably never grow it. Why grow it when it is so available all year round. I found the best place to purchase it was at Costco. They have a frozen organic broccoli that was wonderful. A few years ago they stoping using the vendor and now carrie another broccoli but I don’t like it because the piece are cut the the size of plums. So you need to cut it to put it to eat. Problem: kids don’t take the time to cut food so it wouldn’t get eaten. We stopped eating broccoli and then my family stared missing it. I then stared purchasing  the raw broccoli in a large bag at Costco. Yeah! We had broccoli back. Then another problem which I assume many Costco shopper have, the broccoli spoiled before we could eat it.

Solution: Freeze the raw broccoli from Costco.


Step one: Soak broccoli in water bath.

Step two: Start boiling a large pot of water on stove. While you are waiting for water to boil continue with next steps.

Step two: Cut broccoli florets to your liking, (we like bite size).

Step three: Once water is boiling place cut broccoli in water and boil for 2 minutes.

Step four: Fill sink with ice water and place broccoli in water for 3 minutes.

I love the color of the broccoli after it is blanched. It is so dark and rich in color. As an artist, beautiful!

Step five: Remove from sink into a strainer and let it sit for several minutes.


Step six: Place on cookie sheet and freeze for 2-3 hours.

Step seven: Remove from freeze and place in freezer bags. Keep the bags in the freeze until you are ready to use.

Okay, looks like lots of steps but they are simple and easy. It only took me a 15 minutes.

Easy, fun, and saves money. Enjoy “Choppin’ Broccoli”